Review: All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

C_TUuMzW0AITQML.jpg largeFull of twists and held my attention from the first to last page. I was extremely impressed with the way the story was told in reverse; a difficult feat that was pulled off nicely. Very satisfying and suspense filled read!

Nicolette “Nic” Farrell has returned home to help fix up her and brother Daniel’s family home. Nic has made a life for herself in Pennsylvania after leaving her hometown of Cooley Ridge 10 years earlier following the disappearance of best friend Corinne Prescott. Shortly after returning home, another girl from childhood named Annaleise Carter disappears and the town is whipped into a frenzy again while searching for answers in the present and past.

As I said above, I think what worked for me in this book was the structure of this story. After the initial chapter is set up, we jump ahead 15 days and go backwards from there to find out what has happened in these missing two weeks. This was executed very well and made this a truly unique read as I’ve not had this reading experience before.

The characters were fairly well developed but for a good half of the book most are kept at arms length as to not give too much away early on. Everyone has something to hide in this story; I had fun trying to determine who was a part of what part (present and past).

The flow of the story was continuous and I truly did not want to put this down as it was an addicting read. Although, I honestly am confused as to why every thriller these days which includes a girl has gone into a “Gone Girl or Girl On The Train” comparison mania. No relation whatsoever!
I highly recommend this read to anyone who is a lover of mystery and suspense novels.

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