Beauty On The Go – Summer Travel Essentials

img_3358It’s summer time, so it’s time to wander around, and explore new places! But you still have to look good, I mean, what about all the pictures? And oh, what the locals would think? I am not much of a make-up person myself. (I’ll do a post on my own make-up essentials, and you’ll know!) But I know you all are, but you cannot carry everything that you own in your vacation! Below are my top 5 travel make up essentials for this summer!

1. Dry Shampoo – Because let’s be honest, we’re not washing our hair every day on vacation. A good dry shampoo helps cleanse your scalp and hair, getting rid of all the dust and grime. A small secret – Baby powder works as an excellent dry shampoo!

2. BB Cream – The multi-tasker BB cream does it all, from moisturizing to hiding blemishes and giving coverage. All this in an instant. Most BB creams today double up as primers, moisturizers, and even sunscreen lotions.

3. Face / Make-up Wipes – Carrying a makeup remover or a toner and cotton balls separately can become quite a hassle while traveling. Makeup wipes are so much simpler. These come packed like wet wipes, but are doused in makeup remover, and are perfect for a quick clean-up after a long day out!

4. Kohl / Kajal – If you’re strapped for space in your travel kit and have to choose between your eyeliner, mascara or kohl, I suggest you go with a kohl! Kajal or kohl is one makeup essential many women wouldn’t step out without (I know I wouldn’t!). Just one swipe of this will give definition to the eyes making them look beautiful and bright.

5. Lip Balm – Keep your pout nourished and soft with a moisture-boosting lip balm. Glossier the better. After all, you have to look gorgeous in all those pictures going up in your Instagram & Facebook!

Look gorgeous & wander around!


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