Review: Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

C_1_bBVVwAEUF_t.jpg largeJack and Grace have the perfect marriage and the perfect life. Grace’s sister Millie has Down’s syndrome and and can be very spontaneous. When Jack came to her rescue when she was dancing awkward and annoying people, both Grace and Millie fell almost immediately in love with Jack. Jack really seems like the perfect man. Not just handsome and charming but loving and caring.

It is an extremely emotional read. I could feel my emotions bubbling up from the pit of my stomach; I could feel my heart pounding with fury and fear. Because this is a truly a disturbing book. When the reality is frightening, it becomes scarier than any horror with demons and monsters. It is an awful, exciting ride of terror. But a certain suspension of disbelief is a must. It is neither the most realistic book, nor the most deeply meaningful.

I didn’t love the book, but I’ll still recommend it! And I thought the ending was just perfect… the kind of perfect that makes you do an evil little smile.

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