Review: The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

C-uC1jSXcAAcbWk.jpg largeLaura ‘Lo’ Blacklock wakes hungover to a home invader. When the break-in occurs in her apartment with her present, it brings her fear and anxiety to a whole new high.  Lo is set to take a maiden voyage on a luxury liner named The Aurora and she is going to write a story about it for Velocity Magazine.

The Aurora is rather small with only 10 cabins, a maximum of 20 passengers, and a handpicked staff on board. Lo is roomed in cabin 9. Lo is woken by a scream from the cabin next door followed by a loud splash. She goes out onto the veranda to see blood on the neighboring balcony. She calls security to report what happened, but there’s nothing in cabin 10. The guest who was supposed to be in that room didn’t make the cruise. Which is odd because Lo swears she borrowed mascara from a girl in cabin 10 before dinner. There aren’t any passengers missing, staff unaccounted for, nothing amiss other than Lo’s report of what she witnessed. Is her anxiety-ridden mind mixed with the lack of sleep and abundance of alcohol playing tricks on her? Lo insists something happened. Nobody believes her.

So I felt like we took Lo and made her unlikable and unreliable in the same way that was done in The Girl on the Train. Replace the alcoholism with intense anxiety giving others reason to question her reliability as a witness. It’s another protagonist witnesses murder and no one believes her story. The first part of it had a good twist, but when it came to the actual end..I was left thinking it was so obvious.

It was a locked-room mystery a la Agatha Christie, who might have done this better. I guess Ruth Ware takes inspirations from the classic author. I do hope to see more of this. I only wish this one had worked better. It was too similar to The Girl on the Train and had too many implausible moments for me.

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