Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

“Books keep stupidity at bay. And vain hopes. And vain men. They undress you with love, strength and knowledge. It’s love from within.”

I loved this quote. It just brings out the feeling you get when you are around books.C8jFeyiVoAAKcXq

But that’s it. Apart from this quote, this book did not work for me. I thought it was too sweet, and not a fast read.

I really had this feeling that I was going to love this book. I mean, the title has the words Paris and Bookshop in it. Come on! This was supposed to be my next favorite!

The story is that Monsieur Perdu owns a floating bookshop on the Seine; he calls it the Literary Apothecary (I loved this concept and the name) because he can diagnose what is wrong with someone and prescribe the right book for them to read. He is heartbroken as the love of his life, Manon, suddenly left him, leaving only a letter. But no, he didn’t read it.

Early in the book, one of Perdu’s neighbors finds the unopened letter and demands he read it. It turns out that Manon left him because she was dying of cancer. Perdu is devastated by this news, and the next day he takes an adventure down the Seine, with Max who is another neighbor, and also a young writer. The book here becomes a montage of French scenery and long conversations over dinner and wine.

Although, there are some fun bookish references — which is the main reason I wanted to read this novel — but they weren’t enough for me to save it.

Anyway, there are people who have enjoyed this read, so find out if you are one of them!

But this book on Amazon!


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