Backstage dilemma to onstage fire!

Nervous! Breathless! Unsure!

It’s scary to think that what if I slip, what if my music stops in the middle, what if I blank out and forget my choreography!

The most nerve wrecking feeling every time just a few minutes before I go on stage. I am certain I am going to give my best and also mess up a little. I pray to god that this experience of few minutes on stage becomes memorable for me and the audience.

If I am able to touch even one soul with my performance, if I bring smiles on people’s faces, if I put them in awe of me – My job is done!

The announcement goes and there are big butterflies in the stomach doing kart wheels, “Lets welcome on stage Ankita Bora.”

My heart is beating faster than ever and with a nervous smile I step on stage and take my position.

I can hear the cheer and roars in the audience who love me and adore me, giving  me a lot of confidence and also putting me under pressure to live up to their expectations.

Once my music starts playing all the thoughts, worries, anxiety goes away.

I don’t care what happened backstage….when I have my few moments on stage I live it like I own it!

I give each and every movement my all, like it’s the last time I am going to dance.

Dancing up on the stage gives me so much power, it cannot be expressed in words. I never feel greater than what I do when I am performing.

I am on fire and I own the stage like a queen.

I tell the audience, 
“The stage is mine now….watch me burn it!!”


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