Sluttish between the book covers

Sometimes I read more than one book at a time. Most people believe two is too many. But really?

Think of it as dating in today’s time. You buy, beg or borrow a book to start with. You make light conversation with a couple of pages. Mentally peg them in types, turn a few more pages to see if you are right and then let the game take its own course.

You get into the goofy one when you need to de-stress. After a hard day at work maybe?

There are the ones you know you’ll have just a single date with — airplane reads or books you pick up when you’re staying over as a house guest. It’s pleasant but momentary.

Then there’s the one, which makes a home in your bag. You read a couple of pages during your commute. It’s good, but more a case of attraction due to proximity. It is never really the real deal. You may save them for mealtimes and such. The pleasure of keeping a page open with one hand while you shovel in your dinner with the other is great!

Then there are a few that are good to look at, great to own. But in your heart of hearts, you know you’ll never get to the end of the road with them. They were just a moment’s passing fancy, or the arm-candy that gives you a brief ego boost. So they basically warm your bed, or bookshelf sorry.

There’s also a few that friends set you with. But someone’s hot cup of tea can be your lukewarm dose of momentary caffeine. These you fit in whenever there’s a little time. You don’t want that friend’s efforts to go in vein.

You inevitably find amongst them all, the ‘deep one’ you really connect with. You can only take that kind of intensity when you have time and mental energy. You plan your reading time so you do it full justice. And then the rest of them do not matter. They get you. They speak your language. They demand you speak theirs.

In there somewhere is also the one you can’t wait to get down and dirty with. You just can’t get enough of it. You read it everywhere! Word of caution, sometimes they finish before you do. And you wonder if all that effort was worth it. A dirty read you know you just have to do and get over with, it holds no meaning, but all the attraction. You just fish out your e-reader or spy it on Gutenberg. Who says 24 hours is not enough?
Love, you ask? Well, in the world of books, much like the world we live in now, there is no point looking for “the one”.


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