Pins & Insta – Overloaded!

Pinterest has ruined me. Instagram also has a hand in it.

Now, I have got a major fetish for empty notebooks. I am also fascinated to have different journals for different things. So, going by my addiction for Pinterest, I tried to explore as to what all journals can I make and own! I already own a travel journal. I have started a recipe journal now that I stay alone, it kind of helps big time. Currently, I want to start a book/film journal, because that again is interesting!

And yes this ruined me.
They have got such amazing journals in there. Fantastic journal pages decorated with buttons and clips and what not! And trust me I have not even gone into talking about ‘art journals’. They are outstanding beyond words!

Now its not just about journals, I have pin boards for DIY stuff, workouts, dance etc. And everything motivates and demotivates me at the same time. It gives me all the possible ideas, out of which I cannot execute them all.

So is it just me, or is anyone else there who faces such issues!

Let me know, guys!


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