Literary Questions

Lately I have been reading a lot of books from my bucket list…..and it made me wonder about many literary questions…… These are questions which do not have answers in Google!

– Among the Bronte family, who did everyone secretly think was the most talented: Charlotte or Emily? Did the family like Jane Eyre more or Wuthering Heights?

– How many men committed fucked up acts and cited The Catcher in the Rye as an inspiration?

– Did Jane Austen ever had romantic dreams with her characters? Did she fantasize about Darcy or George Knightley or may be Wentworth?

– Who threw the drunkest party in literary history?

– Was Stephen King ever freaked out by his own books?

– Were the Bronte sisters jealous of each other?

– When did young and insecure girls stop sleeping with famous authors and start sleeping with famous rockstars?

– Was the release of a new Harry Potter book considered as a to-do list for the cast and crew of the Harry Potter movies?



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