How to crack the JNU entrance?

A repost from my own blog archive – How to crack the JNU entrance?

Well that time is here when all the entrance exams are round the corner…n u get so busy….there is a lot of pressure….college exams…entrances…parents, relatives, family friends – all asking the same question – what next?
So I thought let me make this prep a little bit easier for you. (And my tips are for cracking JNU – I mean one should just go for the best..why go for anything less??)

1. Firstly you should be giving an entrance for two subjects – so you can at least crack one!!

2. Try being sane for the first subject. But for the second subject, think of a song (in my case it was Tum Hi Ho) and do a choreography in your mind. And then try drawing out that choreography in the question paper. (Believe me it’s not that easy to draw out a choreography)

3. At the end of the exam erase the whole drawing – Why share your talent for free? (And because you have too much time n its too hot outside to come out!)

4. Three or four days before the exam hang out with your friends on the roof top (probably facing the airport – nice view…may calm you down), grab a few bottles of beer, order a pizza from New York Pizza (coz that’s cheaper than Domino’s), and talk about all the random things possible (basically everything except exams!)

5. If you don’t see your name in the first list, have patience coz it may be in the waiting in the second list n you may have finally cracked it in the third list!!

6. When you finally crack the JNU entrance, accept the admission offer you have got from Oxford, and fly away to England!!



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