Another move!

A new city. A new neighborhood. A new set of people. A new language.

Yes I am moving again! And this time it is to the sweetest part of India as put up by Incredible India. So well I will be putting up in Calcutta now!

I know the name has changed to Kolkata, but that suits only when you are talking in Bengali, not in English!

With this move, I can’t wait to finish my new bucket list for this place.

  • A tram journey
  • Books in College Street
  • A food trail around the entire city
  • Going to the ghats in the evening
  • Durga Puja
  • Mishti Doi

A lot has to be explored. But the heat here can totally kill me while I do these things.

But apart from all this, I am excited for bigger things.

This is going to be the first time that I am leaving Delhi for another city in India. I am going to have a set up of my own with my own money. Paying the rent, paying the bills, gas connection, cooking, shopping etc. I am going to lead a team in my office.

Just makes me feel so strong.

Surely, I will miss Delhi. But then its another long distance relationship with her!


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